Saturday, July 26, 2008

Occupational Hazards

Nothing could prepare me for the news.  In fact, I had been quite blase about the whole visit, but within minutes, I had created a stir in the tiny office.  I was prepared to hear the same lecture I heard every time and had steeled myself for it, while also silently vowing to be better next time.  But this was a shocker.  Five cavities.  I have five cavities.  I had not had a cavity since I was eight years old, and yet in the six months since my last visit to the dentist, I had managed to wreak havoc on my once strong teeth.   I was pummeled with questions.  "Are you drinking a lot of juice?  "Are you brushing before bed?" "Are you flossing?"  It seemed like a mystery to the staff at first, I mean, how I could have fallen off the wagon so violently, so quickly?  But I knew at once:  I'm a baker.  I eat sweets all day long to either test for freshness, nibble on a broken or fresh baked something or try out a new recipe.  And, I am also a business owner.  I fall into bed at the end of a long day, often with nary a care for my dental hygiene, 'til morning at least.  It was bound to happen.  I was eating on borrowed time.  

Now, I await my appointments, plural, because apparently it's just too much work for one visit. OK, I've put them off, but I swear I'll get on it right away.  Just as soon as the cakes are done for this week.

Now, what are those funny little blue veins on my ankles?